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• They have been trained to understand the basics of auditing. They know how to prepare, perform, report and close an audit. It is ideal for new auditors, those preparing to be on an audit team, and people who will soon be audited and want to understand the auditing process.
• Our Compliance Monitors understand how to conduct an internal audit.
• They know the audit conventions for preparing, performing, reporting and follow-up.
• They what they need to know to conduct an audit using any performance standard (such as: ISO 9001, FDA GMPs, FAA, ISO 14000, HACCP, and so on).
• They follow the audit process from initial acceptance of the audit assignment through reporting what was found.

Legal Info

Auditing Process:
• They adhere to the Auditor Code of Conduct
• Identify the steps needed to prepare, perform, report and follow up and close an audit
• Identify types of audit evidence needed to verify conformance to requirements
• Use checklists and other working papers
• Conduct a desk audit
• Collect audit evidence
• Determine when a practice or situation represents a nonconformance or finding
• Determine methods to analyze and classify nonconformities or findings
• Write nonconformity statements
• Report results of the audit
• Follow-up and verify actions taken

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